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Faculty Members

team member

Area : Accounting & Finance

Qualification : MBA (UU), FDP (XLRI, Jamshedpur), FIP (IISWBM, Kolkata), QIP (MDI, Gurgaon), PhD (Pursuing)

Exp : 26 Yrs

Prof. Satyabrata Bhuyan
Accounting & Finance
team member

Area : Summer Internship Marketing with Center for Student Development. She is a regular trainer with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for communication and soft skill modules

Qualification : PGDM, PGDCA

Exp : 22 Yrs

Prof. Rakhi Dutta
Marketing & Soft Skills
team member

Area : Marketing

Qualification : PGDM (KIIT University), MA (English), PhD (Pursuing)

Exp : 17 Yrs

Prof. Nirajana Das
Human Resources Management
team member

Area : Information Technology

Qualification : MCA, M.Tech (CSE)

Exp : 16 Yrs

Prof. Dipak Bisoi
Information Technology
team member

Area : Quantitative Technique

Qualification : MSc (Math), M.Tech (CSE)

Exp : 14 Yrs

Prof. Sadananada Behera
Quantitative Technique
team member

Area : Business Communication

Qualification : MA (English), MA (Sociology), PGDM, PhD

Exp : : 20 Yrs

Prof. Sarat Chandra Jena
Business communication
team member

Area : Operations Management

Qualification : MBA

Exp : : 22 Yrs

Prof. Anirban Patnaik
Operations Management
team member

Area : Logistics Management

Qualification : PGDM (IISWBM, Kolkata)

Exp : : 12 Yrs

Prof. Deepa Dewan
Logistics Management
team member

Area : Logistics Management

Qualification : M.Com, MBA

Exp : 15 Yrs

Prof. G. Ram Kumar
Logistics Management
team member

Area : Finance

Qualification : M. Com, PGDHR

Exp: 12 Yrs

Prof. Raj Gopal Pankaj
team member

Area : Economics

Qualification : B.Tech, MBA, PGDM (HR), SAP – HR, SAP – FICO

Exp : : 5 Yrs

Prof. Soumya Patnaik
team member

Area : Soft SkillsB.Tech (IT)

Qualification : MBA, PhD (Pursuing)

Exp : 8 Yrs

Prof. Kaushik Das
Soft Skills
team member

Area : Economics & Marketing

Qualification : MBA, PhD

Exp: 18 Yrs

Prof. Prabhat R Choudhury
Economics & Marketing
team member

Area : Finance & Insurance

Qualification : M. Com, LLB, MBA (Finance)

Exp : : 30 Yrs

Prof. Sayed Sahed Ahmed
Finance & Insurance
team member

Area : Banking

Qualification : M.Com, LLB, CAIIB, MBA, PhD

Exp : : 36 Yrs

Prof. Niranjan Nayak
team member
Marketing & Economics
team member
Business Communication
team member
Port, Shipping & Logistics
team member
Human Resources Management
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