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Receive an Ideal Learning Environment with Top B-School in Odisha

Learning Architecture @ ODM Business School

  • Classroom Lectures
  • Case Study Discussion
  • Business Simulations
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Live Projects
  • Summer Internship
  • Corporate Talks
  • Alumni Talks

As one amongst the top B-Schools in Odisha, it’s our mission at ODM Business School to transform the lives of our students with the best learning architecture while teaching them the transformational ways of ethical global leaders for this highly competitive and forever growing 21st-century business world.


Ranked amongst best B-schools in Odisha with world-class business management and professional certification course offerings, OBS aspires its students to develop unique business leadership which is capable of creating successful organizations while adhering to the truest form of corporate governance. Our modern learning architecture is targeted to create an enriching educational environment where young minds will be trained for innovative business thinking.

OBS is committed to implement and deliver global standards of quality with all its processes while forging ethically responsible future leaders to lead businesses, organizations and visionary causes. We understand that richness is derived from continuous diversity, and that’s why we implement the highest standards of learning ethos to our learning architecture. All our students will learn to exercise with good judgement and show deep appreciation for diverse point of views. Whether it’s superlative classroom lectures, regular case study discussion, classroom presentations, live project work, business simulations, corporate talks, or summer internship, ODM Business School has state of the art facilities for students to foster opportunities smartly and effectively.

At ODM Business School, we focus on making students corporate ready while they continue with their career goals. Our highly qualified faculties will help students with their self-assessment on the basis of goals, competencies, value propositions and individual SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat analysis). Further, our faculty members will evaluate students to identify their gaps and prepare a concrete road map so that each of them can cross the lengths of their dreams and achieve beyond extraordinary. Students will also receive mentors of their choice to boost their academic performance, personal grooming, career guidance, mock interviews, and current affair discussion.

With OBS and its on-demand business management courses, students are guaranteed to receive an all-round learning architecture that houses career development, mentoring, counselling, placement, and every other required accommodation. Here students will be challenged to their true potential, find support to shape their careers, discovers lifelong mentors, and open doors to possibilities beyond their dreams.

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