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Mentoring at OBS

Mentoring is an integral part of the learning process at OBS. Mentoring helps the students enhance their performance and development on the personal and professional front. The mentor as a role model/guide/coach facilitates in drawing the right path for a student in career building. The distinct feature of mentoring at OBS is the inclusion of alumni and corporate guides along with the faculty trainers.

At ODM Business School, we aim to provide students ample opportunities to reach their full potential as business leaders. Our unique college mentoring program will help students to capitalize on their professional profile and improve their skill sets to superior levels, suited best for the evolving business environment. The foremost goal of OBS’ student mentoring program is to guide students prudently selecting their career paths and achieve success flawlessly.


We have highly experienced faculty members assigned as mentors to prepare, process, and review mentoring sessions for students separately with individual assessment. Our assessment is based on student’s academic choice, work background (if any) as well as career interests to ensure a relevant and goal-oriented mentoring program for every student while fostering peer relationships between mentees and mentors.

Our student mentoring program aims:

  • To provide students with the required information, support, and encouragement needed to be successful.
  • To foster a rewarding learning environment between mentors and students.
  • To promote knowledge about campus services.
  • To help achieve career and educational goals.
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